Soar High!

“Don’t succumb to the situation…Raise above them and soar high my dear” said a father… “Don’t cry my little one…Instead, challenge and show them you are no less!” said a mother… “Don’t break down…Rise from the ashes like a phoenix blazing its wings” said a friend… “Don’t give up…Instead keep calm and the storm shall pass” advised a mentor… “Don’t put that pen down…Let the … Continue reading Soar High!

Grandma’s little ‘Krishna’ | #Mondaymusings | #MicroBlogMondays

Today was no different from any other regular day of my routine. It has become a habit now to look at my photo wall I created in my room as I wake up; like a routine. I feel peaceful even when I do nothing but stare at those photographs remembering the good times I had which created a lasting memory. Today, looking at those pictures, … Continue reading Grandma’s little ‘Krishna’ | #Mondaymusings | #MicroBlogMondays

A Beautiful Reflection…!

    “Life never gives me what I want…” Sighed Asha as she checked her phone expecting a whatsapp notification from Shlok that morning. He was her first secret crush and it has been some time now, since she developed feelings for him (That was not the case with shlok though!). A day before that Shlok agreed to help Asha with the English Project assigned by … Continue reading A Beautiful Reflection…!

Life Beneath the Pebbles – Saumy Nagayach (Guest Post)

This post is for a blogging campaign The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 being held by #WriteTribe About the author: This post is written by Saumy Nagayach who blogs at Saumy’s Bag is a software engineer by profession, poet and blogger by heart. He is passionate about photography, considers himself an amateur photographer but I feel he is just being modest in saying so! He … Continue reading Life Beneath the Pebbles – Saumy Nagayach (Guest Post)

A Day Well Spent at Golconda Fort

It was in the month of July…. One item on my to-do list was to explore “Golconda Fort” at the time of Bonalu festival (It is a colorful festival celebrated across Telangana). It has been pending since long, so one fine morning; I picked up my beast (that’s how I refer to my camera) and decided to make it happen. It’s an hour-long drive to Golconda … Continue reading A Day Well Spent at Golconda Fort

My New Health & Fitness Resource

When I saw today’s prompt at writetribe, thought I would write about the tool which I use almost all day which is “Photoshop”. Even penned down few highlights about how to create an action, how to perform high-end skin smoothing, how to improve resolution of a photo, etc.  I am a newbie to blogging and I wanted to be perfect at what I write so … Continue reading My New Health & Fitness Resource