Cluster of Thoughts! #KheerWrites

I dream of the day…

When feeling lost in this pointless society is not something that happens often…

When the one you thought understands you, do not judge you by your choices…

When you wish the feeling of being held up in a clueless room with nowhere to go vanishes…

When freedom of choice is understood, as it is something which allows you to have a choice of your own and be oneself like the one you really are…

Trading one’s reality to establish a place in this society, losing one’s sense for a pointless act, giving up one’s ability to feel and in-exchange for it wearing a mask will never make one happy.

In this cluster of thoughts something struck me that when people strongly hold on to an existing belief and are shown that something worked against that belief, that thought isn’t greeted with a smile and is rather treated with a sense of disparity. The core reason behind it would be to protect the pre-rooted beliefs. One can easily rationalize and eradicate anything which is not in sync with the core belief.

I once read this exciting quote by Carrie Bradshaw…

“Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with them.”

Cluster of Thoughts!

If only everyone understood that we all are different or rather say unique in our own way and cannot truly feel happy and evolve if one’s uniqueness is crushed. I feel one should never hold regret of not having tried to find oneself and struggle with life just to convince people around you. Wouldn’t one want to “Be Happy” and “Live Happy”? Give it a thought, would you!

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