Logs on Fire! – #WordlessWednesday #KheerWrites


I clicked this photo at my Native (Tippapur). This was when we were trying to cook raw Custard Apple in that fire we lit in our backyard!

Linking this to Wordless Wednesday hosted by Esha


18 thoughts on “Logs on Fire! – #WordlessWednesday #KheerWrites

    • Keerthi Vydyula says:

      Yeah even i felt that it would be dry and tasteless but it was not the case. Raw in the sense i meant not completely ripe so there was a bit of sweetness. I am glad you liked it! Thanks for dropping by and leaving your imprints πŸ™‚


  1. Esha M Dutta says:

    So happy to see you join in, Keerthi! That’s a glowing fire you’ve captured beautifully in your frame. Btw, how do you cook the custard apple. Just roasting it, is it? I never knew you could also eat it this way.

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    • Keerthi Vydyula says:

      I planned to join #wordlessWednesday last week itself Esha, but couldn’t make it 😦 Thanks for stopping by. Yes, in our native, sometimes people cook it before it is completely ripe by roasting it. I was curious about how it would taste and wanted to try it. So our neighbor cooked it or me πŸ™‚

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